Construction of a children’s hospital in the Ibb province


Why this project? 

So far, our projects have consisted primarily of 1.) allowing students and teachers to go back to school, and 2.) providing starving children and their families with provisions/food and medicine. This is going to stay the main focus for the organization, as long as the war is taking place and in-person help is necessary. People in Yemen not only suffer from the direct consequences of war, but also long-term poverty, inactivity, and helplessness. So, alongside our ongoing projects, we also want to set the course for the future and establish more sustainable forms of help. Many Yemenis would rather be active themselves than have to rely on outside help from others. This is why we want to focus our resources on improving basic healthcare for the most vulnerable in the county. Namely, the children in rural areas, by building a children’s hospital – as a long-term solution to “help people help themselves”. 

The hospital 

People in Yemen have been suffering from the effects of the civil war since 2013. Many were driven out of their homes and poverty itself is a huge challenge. Many of these internal refugees live in the Ibb province, the most densely populated and poorest region in the country. Children in this region are no longer provided with the urgently needed medical care, which for us is deemed as obvious. To provide humanitarian care for children, we are going to build a hospital. There will be ambulant as well as stationary care, to cover the full spectrum of the in-person medical primary care, with the focus being on sick children. 

Our “Thuraya” hospital (see “Learn more”) will be adapted to the local circumstances. Compared to hospitals in developed countries, the construction and running are notably cheaper, and this is why we as an organization can make this hospital happen – but we need your help! €250.000,00 are already available for the construction of the hospital.  

Why now? 

Because Thuraya, like too many others, did not survive: When the 2-year-old girl fell ill, her family could not afford to pay for the medical care that she so desperately needed. They could not even afford to get her to the hospital. Her father contacted our organization, and she was taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, Thuraya was already so weak that she passed away within a few days. Her fate is no exception, but part of the daily tragedies that affect the civil war shaken Yemen. According to the UN estimate, 1 child in Yemen under the age of 5 dies every 10 minutes from treatable causes. Thuraya’s story, even if it is one of many, resonated with us. This is why we decided to build the “Thuraya Kinderklinik” directly in the Ibb region, which will be reachable for around 50.000 residents in a 5km radius, to provide pediatric care.


Currently, we are planning to start building the Thuraja children’s clinic in autumn of 2021. This requires the approval of local authorities, which we have already applied for. The clinic will be completed in three stages to maximize the benefits for the local population:

The first stage will comprise the full premises and equipment necessary for the function of a clinic. The completion is scheduled for September 2022. 

The completion of the second stage will include the rooms for inpatient treatment (especially the bedrooms) as well as a small delivery room and is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

A third stage of expansion for performing surgical procedures is not planned to start before 2026.


Spatial planning 

The project team “Children of Yemen in Need” is supported by a medical advisory board, which advised the organization on the planning of the corresponding medical requirements. 

A commissioned architectural firm drew up the construction plan for the children’s hospital in consultation with the Advisory Board. 

Other members of the project team are responsible for raising the necessary funds and for the financial planning of the hospital’s construction and operation.

We work closely with our partner organization in Yemen, “Yemen’s children in need”, in order to plan operations on site. 

A decision matrix proved a plot of land in Al-Qafr County to be the optimal location and all of the necessary preparations are underway to build the hospital at this location. This plot of land has already been entrusted to the organization by the inhabitants of the nearby village. Mr. Al Saidi, the chairman of the organization mentioned above, has received an assurance of the building plot. 

Financial planning 

Our cost estimate for construction phase I, which is supported by 1.) Munich University of Applied Sciences, 2.) an experienced architect with expertise in international projects on the ground, and 3.) exchange with an organization active in health care in Yemen, is as follows:


Main Building Construction Phase 

Water supply                                 

Photovoltaic system                       

Electrical installation                     

Interior fittings & sanitary               

Equipment (mainly transport)           


Overall, after the known cost increases, we are assuming around US$ 760,000. A new cost estimate will be made shortly.                                                   


Operating costs:

We are aiming to obtain the necessary medical equipment through donations from healthcare providers in Germany so that only the transport from Germany has to be organized. (see cost “Equipment”). For this reason, we are in contact with the German-Yemini Medical Association, which specialises in shipping medical supplies. 

How can you help? 

Not all of the resources needed to construct the Thuraya Clinic are yet available: Currently, the organization only has about two-thirds of the funds needed to complete the construction; however, we have decided to start the construction nevertheless and raise the outstanding funds parallel to the construction. This is in order to be able to provide assistance on site as early as possible. In addition to the cost of construction, there will be ongoing costs to operate the clinic, which will need to be covered by regular donations. This is why we need your help for the construction and ongoing  operation of the clinic. 

Project progress (July 2021)

A suitable site for the hospital has been identified and the building plot has been acquired. The official permit to start construction of the hospital is being awaited and everything is ready to start the construction of phase 1. We made a conscious decision to start construction immediately after the approval and to raise the outstanding funds parallel to the construction, in order to be able to provide on-site assistance as early as possible.

The medical concept for the clinic was developed and adapted by an experienced Medical Advisory Board. In addition, contacts have been established with various organizations that have experience in the field of medical aid in Yemen. 


Donation goal: 760.000 Dollar

Funded at the moment: 360.000


There is still 380.000 Dollar missing