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We are thrilled to share our immense gratitude with you. Thanks to your past generosity, we have successfully launched our heartfelt project, the Thuraya Children’s Hospital.

A Heartfelt Mission


With your invaluable assistance, we are working tirelessly towards a sustainable future and the well-being of underprivileged children in Yemen. Through this website, we aim to keep you updated on the progress of the Thuraya Children’s Clinic.
In addition to providing aid to malnourished children and offering educational support to children and adolescents, our organization is undertaking the construction of a children’s hospital in the province of Ibb. This region, densely populated yet impoverished, lacks access to basic medical care—a situation we aim to change. Children, in particular, bear the brunt of these harsh conditions in Yemen.The hospital will serve approximately 50,000 residents, providing simple and effective pediatric healthcare within a 10 km radius.
Your enduring support has been reinforced by a resolution passed by our association’s general assembly.

Why now?

Thuraya’s story is one among many heartbreaking tales. When this 2-year-old girl fell ill, her family couldn’t afford medical care, let alone the journey to a distant hospital. Her father reached out to our organization, and together, we managed to get her to a hospital. Tragically, Thuraya’s condition had deteriorated to the point where she passed away within days. Her fate is not an isolated case but rather emblematic of the daily suffering in war-torn Yemen. Shockingly, according to UN estimates, a child under the age of 5 dies every 10 minutes in Yemen from preventable causes.

How Can You Make a Difference?

We invite you to visit this website regularly to witness the progress of our construction project. We also have one important request:


share this blog with your family, friends, and business associates.

Every single euro donated goes entirely and exclusively towards this project. With your help, we can provide extensive assistance for the future of Yemeni children. Today, we’d like to showcase the progress we’ve already achieved, all thanks to your generosity.


Project Progress:
Due to Administrative reasons, the construction site is on hold for the moment. Currently, the organization is discussing a permission from the Supreme council of the management and coordination of humanitarian affairs and international cooperation; the goal is to implement the project under direct supervision of Kinder Jemens in Not.
Soil leveling is completed, as well as tracing streets and sidewalks.
Meanwhile, we are working on the execution plans as well as perfecting the architectural plans with minor changes in the heights and room composition.  Execution plans of the water tank as well as the Residence are completed. The other construction phases will be continued after Ramadan in May 2024.

Due to the sloping terrain, we are preparing the construction site for the planned buildings. The provided images offer a glimpse of the ongoing work on-site. We are conducting leveling work for the access roads and the planned building sections. The markings are there for transparency regarding the building sections, and these areas will undergo additional surveys after the initial leveling to ensure a stable foundation for the floor slab.

Starting from the beginning of September, we have had a construction manager overseeing the implementation of our project, and preparations are underway.

Ensuring a water supply for the children’s hospital during construction poses a significant infrastructure challenge due to the unreliable water supply in the area. Therefore, we are planning to construct two large water reservoirs (for drinking water and utility water) and a small water reservoir. The connection will be established through a supply line in the village, and rainwater will also be collected for non-potable use. This undertaking involves extensive earthworks, pipeline installation, and the use of technical equipment to support the water supply.



The site development plan was completed on August 18, 2023. Alongside the children’s hospital, the site offers multiple facilities, including a water tank on the East, a power generator, and a sewage treatment system in the North. A residence house for guest doctors and nurses in the South East and a service area are also included in the plan. To make the site more livable, playgrounds, terraces, and open theaters are designed at the back of the hospital, allowing children to engage more with the surrounding landscape. The grand mountainous scenery can, however, be challenging due to its topography. Thus, the goal was to place the hospital and the different structures with as few excavations as possible, minimizing topography changes.



On August 3, 2023, Governor Abdul Wahed Salah of the Ibb Governorate laid the foundation stone for the Thuraya Children’s Hospital in the Al-Qafr district.

The Governor acknowledged the vital role played by the German organization “Children of Yemen in Need e.V.” in implementing this healthcare initiative, which aims to address the healthcare challenges faced by Yemeni citizens, especially children. 

Siham Al-Saeedi, the President of the Yemen Children’s Foundation, responsible for implementing the project with our support, shared insights into the project’s focus. Ms. Al-Saeedi stated, “The project was conceived by the German organization ‘Children of Yemen in Need e.V.,’ and both the construction and operation are being supported by this German organization.” 




In addition to the governor, Mr. Faisal Modhesh, the Head of the Department for International Cooperation in the Government for Humanitarian Affairs, was also in attendance. This political presence lends credibility and legitimacy to our objectives, which will prove invaluable during the project’s implementation. Our project garnered national media attention in Yemen through AdenTV, a television channel. 

On May 30, 2023, heavy construction equipment commenced work on the access road to our forthcoming children’s hospital. It’s truly remarkable to witness 

the enthusiasm and joy with which the local community has embraced this project. Navigating through the narrow village streets proved challenging for the transporter.

The final few kilometers presented some difficulties, but they were by no means insurmountable for the dedicated local residents who actively supported the start of construction.

In the region, the water supply is notoriously unstable. Ensuring a consistent water supply for construction workers and the upcoming buildings is imperative. Therefore, we will initiate the construction of two water reservoirs, one for drinking water and another for utility water.

To further advance our project and provide a brighter future for the children of Yemen, we are in URGENT need of your ongoing support. Every donation from you brings us closer to our deeply cherished project.

Please help us spread the word about our ‘aid project’ within your personal and professional networks to ensure it garners the attention and assistance it deserves. Taking a small amount of time to familiarize yourself with and raise awareness about our “Children’s Hospital Project” can potentially save the lives of many children in the future while also bringing employment opportunities to the region.


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