Help for homeless children 

Even before the outbreak of the war, there were an estimated 20.000 homeless children in Yemen. Children who depend on begging or working “on the street” for their own, as well as their families, care. Since then, this number has increased dramatically. Older people who have lost their homes and can no longer take care of themselves also “end up” on the street. They lack sufficient food, clean water, medicine, and protection against violence. Most children are malnourished and suffer from treatable diseases. 

With your help, the organization Kinder Jemens in Not e.V. can give homeless children in Sana’a and Taiz, the two largest cities in Yemen, as well as in the regions Dhamar and Ibb a chance of survival. Our goal is to supply children with basic provisions and school supplies, to assure their basic needs are met and allow them to receive an education. Our representatives in Sanaa, Taiz, Ibb, and in the province Dhamar keep in touch with the families and make sure that they receive the food deliveries and that the children do go to school. 

Currently (as of August 2021) we are helping with the care of over 241 children in 88 families. 

Despite the restrictions and the pandemic, we were able to expand our homeless children project until 2020 and continue constantly since then. This is possible because the work we do is based on direct and personal contact, which means it can be carried out unobtrusively and at a low threshold. The basic idea remains unchanged: We give children who would otherwise have to work on the streets to earn money for their families, by selling water or eggs, the opportunity to go to school. In addition, we cover the costs of school materials and provide their families with a monthly food package. 

Our representatives in Sanaa, Taiz, Ibb and in the Dhamar province keep in touch with the families to make sure that they receive the food deliveries and that the children actually go to school. 

This contribution provides an enormously important piece of normalcy for the children and their families and nurtures the hope that they will eventually be able to lead a close to normal life again. 


Currently financed:         € 12.600,00


€ 5.800 / month is still missing

Help us to give these children a chance to survive!

Thank you for your donation!