Health care for malnourished children until recovery/ they recover

17 million people in Yemen are suffering from malnutrition, 2,2 million children alone are acutely malnourished! When it comes to malnutrition, there is a risk of permanent development delays and diseases such as infections, as the child’s immune system is severely weakened. In the past two years alone, 85.000 children under the age of five years have died due to malnutrition, according to UN-Data – that is one child every 10 minutes! Our goal was to provide 1000 children currently suffering from starvation with medical support, especially in rural areas. 

The children will receive emergency rations, made from milk powder enriched with nutrients. This helps to aid nutrient deficiency symptoms and so allows children to gain weight again. Aside from that, it is clear that no family willingly lets the weakest suffer or even starve. We have made the frightening realization that these children’s families are mostly also malnourished, meaning that the mothers cannot supply their babies with milk. This is why we supply not only the children but also their families with food. 

Project progress (2020) 

We originally began by providing life-saving care to acutely malnourished children in the besieged port city of Hudaydah. Since most of the civilians fled from there, we have also been providing aid in the towns of Taiz and Ibb, as well as in some villages in the south of the Hudaydah province. The children receive medical treatment and food until they are fully recovered. This usually takes several weeks. In addition, their families are provided with basic food rations so that their siblings do not suffer the same fate.

Due to the worsening circumstances in Yemen, especially regarding the medical care of the children, we have not yet been able to achieve the level of help that we are aiming for. 

At the end of 2019, 221 malnourished children were treated and cared for until they recovered. At the end of 2020, we had cared for a total of 420 malnourished children. 



 Donation goal: 29.000,00 euros

Funded at the moment: € 4.800,00


There is still € 2.700,00 missing per Month