Long-term sponsorships

In the past, we often received questions about long-term, individualized help. For this reason, in 2020 we decided to offer sponsorships. 

By taking on sponsorship, you are giving a homeless child and/or a severely malnourished child a long-term prospect. 


The monthly cost of sending a homeless child to school, for example, is around € 75 to € 95 per child; however, no money is paid out in cash. The child receives school materials and their family is given a monthly food package instead. 


The communication between the child and the sponsor takes place through the organization and its local helpers on-site. This has various reasons: For one, we can overcome the language barrier. On the other hand, the children often have no way of communicating directly due to financial means and the current war situation in Yemen. When the situation has improved, we will try to allow for direct communication. By sponsoring a child, you are giving them a chance of a self-determined childhood and a better future! In addition: 


  • you experience concretely how and where your help works, unlike with any other form of donations.
  • Your help is individualized and therefore is given a face.
  • you are helping threefold, their family, and long-term therefore the whole community. 


Give your sponsored child the chance to grow up healthy, educated, and violence-free!

Become a sponsor NOW !